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About Bournes Debt Solutions

Personal debt levels are at the highest they have ever been and are getting worse. This is partly fuelled by the credit bonuses paid to branch staff for every loan and credit card granted, and bonuses paid on (mis) selling of insurance on such products. To make the situation worse, it appears the credit industry have now been successful in persuading the Government to make it easier for creditors to recover debts.

The Debt Reduction Programme is designed to even out the balance between debtor and creditor. Our advisers will work with the creditors to negotiate reduced instalments once a legally enforceable agreement has been produced. If such an agreement cannot be produced, then we will discuss the options available to the debtor and offer the necessary advice and support required to help clear the debt.

Our consultants are experts in all fields of debt related issues and are on hand to help in matters such as Charging Orders, Orders for Sale, County Court Judgments, Bailiffs and many other issues. We also provide representation in the County Court where Legal Aid is not available.

Specialist Support Consultancy Service

The Specialist Support Consultancy Service provides support to all advice agencies working within the money advice profession.

Our Consultancy Services include:

Bournes Training Programs

Bournes Debt Solutions also offer training programmes which are open to any agency working within the money advice industry. We are happy to provide training at your own venue on a date that is convenient for you.

The tutors for these courses work for our specialist support team. All tutors have been giving advice on money/debt matters for 10 years and each has considerable experiencing representing at county court and appeal levels.

The courses currently available are:

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