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Best Debt Advice UK

For clear debt solutions, we’re the most trusted law firm in the United Kingdom. Bournes consultants have received training on Consumer Credit Law by one of the top barristers in the UK and are currently challenging hundreds of agreements through the Courts for the following reasons:

It only takes us three months to obtain your documents from your creditors. If your documents are not received within three months, your case will be transferred to our solicitors for them to pursue the claim in court for a declaration stating the creditor cannot enforce the debt.

Once in receipt of your credit agreements, our legal team will make an assessment on your credit agreement to see if you may have a claim.

We feel it is important to hear your story as, without this, we are unable to build your case and offer the best debt advice UK.

We have often been approached by people who have sought business debt consolidation advice from other debt management companies and have been let down. Our business model was designed to help people in financial difficulties clear their debts in the shortest time possible for the lease amount of money possible.

We have heard so many bad practices by other business debt consolidation agencies, including voluntary organisations such as CCCS and PayPlan (organisations funded by creditors). Some of these are:

The government is looking to regulate debt management companies and we welcome this move. However, we feel it is important that if there is to be regulation, it needs to be relevant.

Further, if we are to be audited, as proposed by Debt Relief Forum, then the auditors need to be independent. It has been suggested by Debt Relief Forum that Insolvency Practitioners should regulate debt management companies, but we fail to see how they can be independent. In addition to which, we believe there are a number of unscrupulous Insolvency Practitioners who have caused financial hardship for their own financial gains.

We would like to see other debt management companies take proactive action in training their staff to specialist level to ensure anyone seeking clear debt solutions is given the best debt advice UK possible.

Free training courses on specialist debt issues are offered to Citizens Advice Bureau and other voluntary organisations. We would be happy to talk to other debt management companies who may have an interest in these courses.