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Successful debt management should be the norm not the exception for everyone seeking to move forwards positively with difficult financial situations. Bournes reputation in our field is unrivalled. Our expert legal team have the ability to remove the majority of the pessimism involved with having high debt .

Below is an example of a client story.

Successful debt management programme

Mr. W, a pensioner has written to Bournes stating that he would like to thank the company and staff for their hard work in helping him manage the outstanding £40 000 of personal debt he had accumulated with his wife. Bournes was able to provide Mr. W with effective Debt Consolidation Advice.

Prior to arranging his debt management plan Mr. W, now single, had been alone in trying to fight off creditors including Mint, Citi cards Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Since contacting Bournes Mr. W feels reassured, since all harassment from creditors has stopped and he can effectively manage his debts and therefore enjoy his life to the full.

His debt management plan begins at the start of October 2009, he has peace of mind that we are acting on his behalf and pursuing his claims. His words to Claire our paralegal were; ‘You are a genius-THANKYOU.’

Expect to hear more from us in the coming months on Mr. W progress!

And if you yourself or anyone you know are or will be currently facing financial difficulty then please either pick up the phone and call us free on 0845 845 0140 or drop in to our new office at 10 Bridlesmith Gate and 19/21 St Peter’s Gate, Nottingham, NG12JF where we will be happy to help you with any of your debt enquires.