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County Court Judgments

All County Court Judgments (CCJs) for money claims are registered upon entry of the judgment at the Registry Trust Ltd., 173 –175 Cleveland Street, London W1P 5PE. The details recorded are the debtor’s name, address and occupation, the amount of judgment and costs, and the relevant county court and case number. Credit reference agencies use the CCJ Register extensively. We, at Bournes Legal, can assist you in a County Court judgement search to find out if a CCJ has been filed against you.

If you have received a judgment and do not agree with the entry, then an application can be made to set aside the order if:

By setting aside the judgment, the Claimant is prevented from taking enforcement proceedings against you.

If people do not have grounds to set aside the County Court Judgments and are in default, then creditors can apply for one or more of the enforcement procedures listed below

In addition to the above enforcement procedures, the Judgment Creditor can apply for an Oral Examination at any time after judgment. This is an order to obtain information from the debtor.

In the majority of cases we are able to suspend enforcement or have your judgment removed permanently.


If you have received a County Court Judgment it is important that you act quickly.
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