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Bournes Advice on Debt Management

Selecting a debt advice agency is a big decision, so you will want to be certain that you’re choosing the right firm to give you professional legal help and advice on debt management. You will be reassured to know that if you are looking for debt specialists in your area, you need look no further than Bournes Debt Solutions.

Personal debt levels are at the highest they have ever been and are getting worse. If you are living in Manchester, Bournes Debt Solutions can help with:

Our debt advisors are experts in all fields of debt related issues and are on hand to help in matters such as basic bank accounts, consumer credit agreements, County Court Judgements, debt management plans, charging orders. We also provide representation in the County Court where Legal Aid is not available.

Bournes Debt Solutions are here to help, our debt advisor’s are there to listen to your problems and provide you with a debt management plan tailored to suit your requirements.

Debt Management Advice in Manchester

In the late 1990s parts of east Manchester were recognised as some of the most deprived areas in the country. Manchester has experienced extensive social and economic problems as the manufacturing industries on which the areas relied upon contracted and in many cases disappeared. In recent times the city has often been referred to as the debt capital of Britain.

In May 2008 plans were announced to build a major new skyscraper office development. The project names ‘Stratum’ will see six buildings including two towers of 37 and 23 storeys are to be built in the Old Trafford area of Manchester.

The city of Manchester has a strong sporting heritage. The local football teams Manchester United and Manchester City are supported all around the world. In May 2008 the city of Manchester hosted the Uefa cup final between Glasgow Rangers and Zenit St Petersburg. It has been estimated that this could provide as much as a £25 million boost to the local Manchester economy.

Over the past few years the city of Manchester has seen a big surge in house building. Many blocks of flats aimed at students and young people have been built. These flats have tended to be built to meet the demand of buy-to-let investors rather than the demand for housing. As interest rates have risen, many are finding it difficult to repay the mortgages.

Are you experiencing financial difficulties at the moment? Bournes Debt Solutions can help and advise on situations such as credit card debt, bank overdrafts, personal loans, gambling debts, mortgage debt and hire purchase repayment.

Our Consultants can be with you within 24 hours of receiving your telephone call. We have Counsellors and debt advisors nationwide covering Nottingham, Newcastle, Durham, South Shields, Oldham, Stockport, London, Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Leeds, York and Coventry.

You can contact Bournes Debt Solutions by completing the online enquiry form or by calling us direct on 0845 845 0140