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Debt Management Plans

If you are running into difficulty managing the repayments of several debts, it is essential to keep in mind that Bournes Debt Solutions is there to help you at every stage. Go for our debt management plans to bring down your unsecured debts, boost your income and attain financial security.

Using our debt management plan, you will make just one reasonable monthly payment and this amount is doled out among all of your creditors on behalf of you.

We calculate your income and expenditure per month and prepare a new payment plan that makes sure that you will be capable of bearing your monthly payment with the help of your disposable income.

We have a skilled and experienced team of debt advisors who will deal with your creditors, so you needn’t do. We discuss with all of your creditors and pull off an easier and more achievable monthly payment plan. In the majority of our debt management plans, there is the possibility to freeze or cut down the interests and eliminate any charges that have been enforced on your debts.

Bournes Debt Solutions handles all phone calls and letters from your creditors directly. Therefore, you can simultaneously save valuable money and time. Our debt management plans are intended for all those individuals who want to merge several unsecured debt repayments into a simple and affordable monthly payment. So, take off the stress of mounting repayment with us by filling out the online enquiry form or calling on 0845 845 0140 now.