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Get Out of Debt with a Debt Relief Order

Bournes Debt Solutions helps you get out of debt legally through a novel form of bankruptcy called Debt Relief Orders (DROs).

If you are neck deep in a pile of debt, you have serious problems to solve because the debt is only going to increase if you do not act immediately. Debt relief help can be sought and you can get out of debt legally. In these times of financial uncertainty, the debt levels have risen to the highest levels ever.

More and more people are having trouble paying off their debts. There are a number of reasons which have given rise to such a situation. The creditors seem to have made an accord with the government which has made their task easier and the debtors’ task difficult. The situation has also been fuelled by the bonuses that are paid to branch staff for selling a credit card or a loan.

When your debts are rising above the ceiling and you are having a hard time paying them because of the interest rates that you have to pay, you are left with a few options to get out of debt. You can file for bankruptcy, disappear from the scene or cut down your expenses and start paying your instalments. The best option, however, is to work with an experienced debt relief plan provider who would work out a payment plan with the creditor on your behalf and make it easiest for you to get out of debt.

Bournes Debt Solutions combines years of hands-on experience as the leading debt agency and legal and technical know-how about debts to provide you with the most efficient debt relief order.

What is a debt relief order? It is an uncomplicated, cheaper and faster alternative to bankruptcy in the UK. Debt relief orders are applicable to those debtors who are unable to pay their debts, have assets of less than £300, have unsecured liabilities of less than £15,000, and have a low disposable income of less than £50 per month. If you wish to make the most of a debt relief order, then think about Bournes right away!

We would negotiate with the creditor on your behalf and work out a debt relief plan that would make it easier for you to get rid of your debts. Our team of advisors is always available for your assistance and have unparalleled experience in the field of credit card debt relief orders, county court judgments, charging orders, bankruptcy, loan agreements and many such issues.