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Quality Debt Advice

Bournes, as a company is committed to seeing that our clients receive the best debt management advice available to date. We pride ourselves being at the forefront of knowledge and expertise. The team here at Bournes is constantly researching and improving on our methods to challenge creditors. As our success continues to grow, so does our reputation as a company that prides itself on listening to the needs and concerns of its clients.

The majority of our training is done through The Institute of Money Advice. The professional body that acts solely for money advisors. Bournes have and continue to host The Institute of Money Advice training courses at our premises. The subject of our next training day is Civil Procedure Rules and will take place at our new premises (19/21 St Peter’s Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2JF) in November 2009.

The courses range in level from caseworker, specialist to advanced and are provided by tutors who are experts within their field. We are more than happy to offer places on the courses we host, free of charge to individuals working for the Citizens Advice Bureau and other voluntary organisations.

Previous organisations that have attended our training include Framework, phoenix and the student support service for The University of Nottingham. Organisations wishing to attend from the public and private sector are welcome to do so at a cost of £250 per person.

Previous Institute of Money Advice training courses that have been hosting by Bournes include:

Bournes debt advisors have a background in law and receive ongoing specialist training, which ensures our clients receive the best possible advice. The nature of our work is such that our role can extend beyond debt advisor to sometimes mediator and even marriage councillor! Listening to our clients and being prepared to go that little bit extra is what has set us apart from other companies.

Last year, as a result of the above training on unenforceable credit agreements, we were able to successfully identify hundreds of claims that are currently being challenged through our solicitors. Training on Debts in the County Court has enabled us to have judgments withdrawn where creditors have been unable to produce the necessary documents to support their claims.

With so many creditors now pursuing forthwith judgments, forcing our clients to default on payments, the training on Charging Orders has proven to be invaluable. It now means that we are able to defend action against creditors who believe they have a right to turn and unsecured debt into secured.

Whilst these are just a few of the recent courses held at Bournes, our advisors have experience and training in bankruptcy, mortgage repossession, small claims procedures, bailiff law, consumer law, employment law, public law, time orders, housing and homelessness, and many other debt related issues.