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Repossession and Mortgages UK

Do you have mortgage arrear and repossession worries in the UK? If yes, don’t press the panic button yet as Bournes Debt Solutions has a vast knowledge and experience in handling these issues and can help you stop car repossessions and evictions in a legal manner. We’ve avoided countless mortgage and car repossessions for sale all over the United Kingdom, even where our clients were due to be evicted from their houses in a matter of a few days of calling us.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has laid down certain rules that all mortgage lenders should comply with. According to these rules, the lenders should prove that they have taken all the requisite steps to help you avoid repossession UK. The lenders ought to:


There are remedies available for borrowers to stop house or vehicle repossession. Bournes Debt Solutions can help you in the following ways:

So, regardless of your mortgage repossession order situation, call us on 0845 845 0140 immediately!