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Success Stories

Bournes have had great success for the clients we represent. Below are some of the successful outcomes we have had when managing debt on behalf of our clients.

Success 1

Bournes has written off a debt of £1545.07 on behalf of Mrs. R. All files have been closed and no further action is being taken. Neither Lowell or Shop Direct Finance were able to produce a copy of her signed credit agreement. It is considered breach by a court of law if a creditor does not hold a copy of all agreements regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Success 2

Bournes was able to prevent Reliable Collections Ltd from pursuing the outstanding amount of £347.41 on Mrs. T’s account since they were unable to provide a ‘true copy’ of her credit agreement.

Success 3

Mrs. B. Was extremely pleased when we informed her that Cabot Financial will not be recovering the outstanding sum on £1044.54 on her Next store account. Next had sold the debt to The Cabot Financial Group however neither organisation were able to produce a copy of her signed agreement. They therefore will be taking no further action in relation to this account.

Success 4

Shop Direct Finance Company Limited will not be enforcing Mr. H’s debt of £2509.40 due to Bournes’ intervention. After much mediation on our part Shop Direct Finance admitted they were unable to locate a signed copy of the original agreement with Great Universal Accounts. After completing a full investigating into our complaint they apologised for any inconvenience caused on their part and subsequently confirmed that no further action will be taken.

Success 5

It is often the case that our clients have multiple creditors. Debt reduction is our speciality. We can guarantee that you will only pay the debts you are legally required to. On behalf of Mrs. N, Bournes was able to write the outstanding balance of £2208.61 on her Shop Direct Finance agreement. As well as this Bournes was able to write off a Provident Personal Credit Ltd account of £1839.76

Success 6

Mrs. B is in a debt management plan with Bournes and we were able to get her unsecured loan agreement with Barclays written off, which as significantly reduced her total debt by £4694.40

Success 7

Mr. B had previously been in an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) with Blair Endersby before coming to Bournes. Blair Endersby had consistently disregarded his concerns, causing financial hardship, as well as including in all his debts in the Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) plan without checking the credit agreements first. Once Mr. Bs debts were under the management of Bournes our debt advisors were able to complete all the necessary checks and distinguish which debts were legally due. During the short time Mr. B has been with us we were able to write off his vet’s bill with Medivet Group Limited for £785.73. Mr. B is more than happy with the intervention action Bournes provided on his behalf.

Success 8

Bournes were able to prevent repossession of Mrs G’s home after falling into arrears on her secured loan with GE Money. As a result of our intervention, Mrs G was able to remain in her home and her monthly payments were reduced from £250 to £35 per month.

Success 9

Mrs H had over £30,000 of debts with Lloyds TSB. Bournes were able to clear 3 credit cards amounting to over £10,000

Success 10

Mr & Mrs I have only been with Bournes six months. They had over £100,000 between them and had previously been in debt management plans with Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) and Eurodebt before approaching Bournes. Within the short period of us working on their accounts, we have successfully written off £6,000, with a further £69,000 being challenged.